Business Loan Connection Makes Securing a Business Loan Simple

No matter the time of year, new and established business owners are in need of financial assistance with their businesses. Small business loans in Central New York has met it's match with Business Loan Connection. We are the most sought after small business loan provider in the Finger Lakes Region with an excellent track record for helping business owners get started or expand their service, product, shop, or office.
Beginning your search for small business loans in Tompkins County starts right here. Our relationship with several of the best credit unions has brought options to many Small bussiness loans in the Finger Lakes Regionbusiness owners that has made the access to funds easy and simple.
Why Use a Credit Union
Credit Unions, unlike banks, are owned and operated by the members. Our goal is to provide the best resources for all our customers. Your business in the community is important to us just like it is to you. Our communities here in the Finger Lakes needs more entrepreneurs to encourage growth and forward movement in our economy.  This is why we look at your business and proposals with a very different eye than a typical banking institution.
Credit Unions are cooperatives. They offer the same loans and financial products as do typical banks but are a non-profit entity.
Business Loan Connection is a unique collaboration between community development credit unions in central and upstate New York. By connecting existing and aspiring business owners to financial and skill-building opportunities, we work to cultivate successful small businesses throughout our combined service area.
With the rise of uncertainty in today's financial markets, it is a wise decision to look toward your own ability to provide for your family and ultimately your community by starting a business in the Finger Lakes which will bring value to your local area. Consumers are becoming more adamant about supporting their local small business owners instead of lining the pockets of the big-box-store executives.
How to Decide Which Interest Rate Method is Preferable
With a fixed-rate loan, you can plan for the monthly expenditure without any surprises or changes. This is a low-risk option and can greatly reduce stress as your business is growing and expanding. Your business will always know what to expect to pay out each month.Small business loans in Syracuse
A variable-rate loan, on the other hand, brings with it a constant anxiety as to what the market will do as your rate approaches the time for re-evaluation.
Businesses will often opt for the lower rate of the variable-rate loan as the payments are much lower (due to the lower incentive rate) at least for the beginning of the loan period. This is very useful if your cash flow is on the low side and the business has not a solid customer base to start with. The danger here is that the rate could increase significantly (even with a cap) that is causes hardship on the business to manage the increase.
Business Loan Connections
We have established ourselves as the community leader in small business loans in the Finger Lakes region. Your satisfaction and financial needs are our primary concern. When you need to start or expand your business, contact one of our lenders listed HERE for a personal consultation and simple steps to get started.  We look forward to servicing your business needs and welcome you to a growing area that needs your business idea.
Published October 18, 2017 by Carol Chernikoff in Finance

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