Business Loan Connection: Small Business Funding for Cortland County Residents

In the southeast region of the Finger Lakes lies Cortland County. Activities in Cortland County have a small-town appeal, and tend to focus on embracing the great outdoors or enjoying festivals and fairs. The rural community is home to around 49,000 people, who tend to work in manufacturing or small agricultural-related businesses. In fact, this is where the much-beloved Cortland apple received its name. Though small businesses have been especially hard-hit in the area, the local government has invested millions of dollars over the past several years, with the hope of jumpstarting local businesses again. At last count, just over 1,000 businesses were bringing jobs to the area, while an additional 2,300 individuals worked towards self-sufficiency by operating sole-proprietorships or non-employee enterprises. At Business Loan Connection, we want to help jumpstart the local economy, too. This is why our non-profit credit union partners provide small business funding and lines of credit, with options tailor-made for the communities they serve.


Cortland County’s only city and county seat shares its name. It’s surrounded by the village of Cortlandville, all of which were named after Pierre Van Cortlandt- founding father and first Lieutenant Governor of New York. The present population is just over 19,000, though it jumps by about 7,000 when State University of New York’s Cortland campus is in session.


Despite the fact that it’s less than 50 square miles, Cortlandville is the most populous town in the county, with approximately 8,500 residents. Though it tends to be quiet, residents enjoy high-quality schools, steady employment rates, and a cost of living that’s 14 percent lower than the rest of the United States.


The town of Homer is much like its counterparts in the Cortland metro area. Approximately half of its 6,400 residents live in the main village, which shares the town name. As is the case with most of the towns in the area, Homer was originally part of the Central New York Military Tract- land that was divided up as rewards for Revolutionary War soldiers. The parcels were named by a clerk, who preferred to use Greek and Roman names, as well as a few from English Literature. Homer, therefore, comes from the Greek poet.


Virgil is a small town, with about 2,400 residents. However, it’s one of the more active tourist areas, as the Greek Peak Mountain Resort is a major source of traffic and revenue. It features a lodge, spa, indoor water park, and fun outdoor activities like skiing. Virgil’s proximity to Cortland makes transit easy for travelers.

We Serve the All of Cortland County

Although we’ve highlighted some of the larger municipalities in the county, Business Loan Connection and its credit union partners can assist anyone in the following areas as well:

  • Marathon
  • Preble
  • Scott
  • Truxton
  • Solon
  • Cincinnatus
  • McGraw
  • Willet
  • Cuyler
  • Harford
  • Lapeer
  • Freetown
  • Taylor

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