Small Business Funding for Schuyler County from Business Loan Connection

Quaint Schuyler County is nestled in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region. Though it’s the second-smallest county in New York, with only 18,500 residents, its beauty is unmatched. The southern end of Seneca Lake nearly divides Schuyler County in half, providing numerous outdoor activities and some of the most picturesque views in the country. Residents of the area are also incredibly hardworking, with sole-proprietorships outnumbering businesses with employees by almost a three-to-one ratio. In all, around 1,500 companies have set up shop here, and Business Loan Connection is proud to serve the community. Our credit union partners are not for profit, and provide various forms of loans and credit lines to help small businesses thrive.

Schuyler County East (Hector, Catharine, Cayuta, Montour)

Unlike other regions of New York, the county does not have even one city. Instead, it has eight towns, that wrap around the borders like a clock face, with Seneca Lake acting as a hand pointing to 12 o’clock. The east side holds the towns of Hector, Catharine, Cayuta, and Montour. Hector is the largest town, with about 5,000 residents, though it may be best-known for being home to a large portion of the Finger Lakes National Forest. The area is popular for hiking and camping, though the blueberry patches are always a big hit, too. The village of Montour Falls, within the town of Montour, also holds art of the Catharine Creek Wildlife Management Area. It’s a fabulous place for nature enthusiasts, including those who like to watch wildlife, as well has hunters and fishermen.

Schuyler County West (Dix, Orange, Tyrone, Reading)

Catharine Creek Wildlife Management Area and Montour Falls extend into the town of Dix, on the west side of the county. Another major claim to fame of the area is the village of Watkins Glen. It’s the county seat, and hosts two main attractions. First, there is the Watkins Glen State Park, which has been named one of the best parks in the country for its stunning waterfalls. A massive 400-foot-deep gorge cuts through the park, and 19 waterfalls can be found within a two-mile stretch. Watkins Glen International is also well-known. It hosts every class of road racing, and was home to the  Formula One United States Grand Prix for more than two decades.

Whether your business caters to the tourists in Watkins Glen, or serves the people of the county’s other towns or villages, Business Loan Connection is here to help you grow. Contact the credit partner nearest you for questions, or begin the online loan application now.