Renovate or Purchase Rentals with an Investment Property Mortgage


We make purchase, refinance, and improvement mortgages to responsible, local landlords with 1 to 3 unit residential rental properties. These mortgages can have repayment terms of 15 to 30 years, and home equity loans are also available.

PLEASE NOTE: Investor Housing Mortgage applications cannot be submitted through the online application.

To apply for a residential mortgage, contact the credit union partner nearest to you or Begin your Loan Application Now


Obtaining an investment property mortgage for the right piece of land can help you diversify your holdings, prepare for a secure future, and provide you with steady income as a landlord today. It can also enable you to perform necessary repairs so that you’re able to receive the maximum rental value for your home when you find suitable tenants. At Business Loan Connection, our credit unions specialize in helping local landlords realize their dreams.

Choose the Investment Property Mortgage Terms that are Right for You

Attaining a loan for a non-owner occupied home isn’t always easy, but our lenders provide multiple solutions, so you can choose what’s best for you.

  • Repayment terms ranging from 15-30 years
  • Financing available for single-family homes, up through three-unit complexes

You Can Use an Investment Property Mortgage Many Ways

Loans for non-owner occupied residences are versatile, and can help a landlord to do many things.

  • Purchase a new rental property
  • Refinance an existing loan
  • Rehab, renovate, or improve your existing rentals

There are a Lot of Benefits to Securing an Investment Property Mortgage

If you’re looking into financing options, you probably already have a plan in mind for the funds. However, you might be surprised at all the ways a loan can benefit you.

 Bargaining Power- If you’re new to managing residential rentals, you may be surprised by how competitive the market is. Securing financing in advance may convince a seller to choose you when there’s competition, or may give you more room to negotiate on the price of the home.

 Fair Terms- Loans for investment properties typically have tougher requirements than traditional owner-occupied mortgages do. Financing at Business Loan Connection is provided through credit unions, which are non-profit, and are designed to take care of their members.

 Cash Flow- With proper planning, your tenants will cover your monthly payments and provide you with a steady income.

 Tax Savings- Many of the fees you pay and the property taxes may be deductible, though you should always verify the terms with your tax specialist.

If you’d like to begin earning an income through residential rentals, we can help. Our local experts are dedicated to helping people just like you, and will walk you through the entire process. Because this type of small-business loan is slightly different than the others we handle at, applications cannot be accepted via the online form. However, the process can be started just as quickly by checking our online directory and contacting the credit union partner nearest you.