Get Unprecedented Terms with Minority Business Loans and Small Business Loans for Women

Businesses owned by women and minority group members may be eligible for discounted interest rates on loans. This loan is limited to women and minority borrowers who have a minimum of one year in business, have equity equal to at least 10% of the loan amount, and are looking for assistance with continued growth and expansion.

Special terms

New loans only, no refinances

Repayment Term: Up to 5 years

Maximum Amount: $25,000

If you have questions, speak with a loan specialist at the credit union partner nearest you, or you can apply for minority business loans and small business loans for women using our simple online form today.

Women and minorities have historically been at an economic disadvantage, especially when it comes to starting and operating a company. Financial institutions generally have strict requirements for lending to begin with, and the lack of assets and capital can make it both expensive and difficult to borrow. Millions of small businesses operated by these groups struggle to gain an edge in a competitive market and grow as a result. While banks operate for the sake of profit, and are largely unable to help with this, credit unions are created to serve their communities. For this reason, the credit union partners of Business Loan Connection are proud to offer minority business loans and small business loans for women. By empowering you to grow your company, the community becomes a better place as well.

Use Small Business Loans for Women Minority Business Loans for Almost Any Expense

Whether you need an infusion of capital to help cover a large order, purchase supplies, or acquire equipment, this specialized program can help. It’s also ideal if you need to renovate your venue or make upgrades, to take your establishment to the next level. Use the funds in whatever way will prime your company for growth.

Minority Business Loans and Small Business Loans for Women Have Straightforward Terms

Easier Qualification- This type of financing is designed to help those who might not otherwise be able to get the capital needed to grow their companies. As such, it’s easier to qualify.

Low Interest Rates- The interest rate is capped at four percent, to make it much easier for emerging entrepreneurs to pay off their balances.

Longer Terms- Depending on the amount of capital needed, you may be able to take up to five years to pay the balance in full.

Extensive Capital- You may be able to borrow as much as $50,000.

Versatile- There are very few restrictions as to what the funds can be used on, so you can apply them to the areas that will impact your company the most.

To get started, speak to a dedicated specialist at the credit union partner nearest you or apply online right away.

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