A Step Up Loan Can Help You Take Your Business to the Next Levl

For self-employed individuals seeking to start or scale-up a micro business venture, Step Up Loans provide a small infusion of cash for supplies, tools, equipment, licensing, marketing or other immediate needs. These loans are capped at $2,500 and have reduced loan application and underwriting requirements, with no collateral required.
If you have questions, contact a representative at the partner credit union closest to you, or you may begin the application process for a Step Up Loan online right away.

A Step Up Loan is an incredibly unique opportunity for local entrepreneurs to become gainfully self-employed or take their small business to the next level. Most small business lending options cater to the needs of established companies that are already in business, whereas this type of lending is focused on taking care of the needs of individuals, and helping to make members of the local community more self-sufficient.

Take Yourself to the Next Level with a Step Up Loan

This type of funding is truly designed for the individual, sole-proprietorships, and emerging businesses. As such, the capital can be used to improve yourself or advance your career, as long as it’s done in a way that benefits your business.

  • Expand your education or skillset
  • Obtain necessary certifications
  • Purchase business-related insurance
  • Get uniforms

Grow Your Emerging Business with a Step Up Loan

Funds can also be directly applied to business expenses that will help your company grow.

  • Take on larger orders and projects
  • Secure necessary working capital
  • Cover promotional expenses
  • Purchase tools, supplies or equipment

With a Step Up Loan, the Focus is on You

Unlike banks, which operate to make money, credit unions serve their members, and are not for profit. Our credit union partners genuinely want to see you succeed, which is why this special type of lending is offered. Most of the traditional requirements for funding are waived, the amount offered is kept to $2,500 or less, and the interest rates are low. This puts the power to develop your business right in your hands. If you qualify for the program, you may also receive free services designed to help you become more self-sufficient.

  • Financial education and counseling
  • Assistance creating a budget
  • Help building or repairing credit
  • Training on establishing an emergency fund

The credit union partners of Business Loan Connection have a strong desire to enrich the communities they serve. They understand that the job market can be difficult, and poverty affects people everywhere. If you are ready to get your business idea off the ground, or need affordable financial help to grow it, a Step Up Loan can help.

Check our contact page and speak to a representative at the credit union partner that’s closest to you if you have questions, or begin the online application process if you’re ready to take your business to the next level right now.